Monday, August 15, 2011

Packer Creek Pottery

This was a fun and out-of-the-way place to visit.  Another spot on the AAA day trip.  In Genoa, OH Packer Creek Pottery has a wonderful assortment of handmade pottery pieces with delightful artwork.  And Genoa has some other neat little shops (to be visited the next time I head over to this town).

These are some of the artists at work in their workshop.

In their retail showroom, beautiful table tiles, bowls, even lamps!

A nice display on the wall of some of their pieces.

More displays.

Another artist pic.

A piece in the works.

In the middle of processing.  Is this the "green" stage?

One of the pottery "throwers".  This woman actually went to school to become a potter thrower and is now living her dream!

A finisher.

These are cooling.

Join me next time, when we go to Mon Ami Winery!

I'm joining Cindy at My Romantic Home this week.

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  1. Just wonderful, Lynn. Lots of lovely things to look at. I used to do ceramics and enjoyed it so much. Thanks for sharing with Tea Time and have a delightful week.