Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Thought I'd share some of my holiday decorating with you:

My Winterberry table setting

One of the baskets I put together for friends.  It had a layered soup in a jar, layered cookie mix in a jar, a little cookbook, some homemade chex mix, candy, dog treats for their dachsund and an ornament.

My kitchen table centerpiece

My coffee table centerpiece

My fireplace Santa

My mantel.  All in Santas.  The two pictures are of windswept Santas.  Just love those.

My living room tree.  This is the one with a lifetime of sentimental ornaments.

One of the ornaments from the "pink/gold" tree in my dining room

Snowflake ornament from my pink/gold tree

Snowman ornament.  He looks so happy!

Dining room place setting

My dining room table.  This is the first year I've set it up with my Winterberry collection.  All I needed was some people to enjoy dinner off of it!  Oh, well.  Maybe next year.  It was pretty to look at anyway. 

I had the outside lit up, too, but my camera doesn't take good pictures at night.  It was lovely, though.  Still lit, too.  Getting together with family on Friday, so I'm enjoying them for another week!

Happy New Year, everyone!