Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm back!!!!

Besides moving my mom to Ohio, I also was charged (as I am the only one left to do this) with selling her home in Massachusetts.  This involved finding a contractor to perform a multitude of renovations on the house just to bring it up to code, but as well to make it more appealling to a potential buyer.  My mom is a smoker, my dad was as well, so the smoke stained wallpaper (throughout the entire house) had to go, a kill stain applied and the entire interior painted.  Electrical updates, kitchen updates, sump line redirect, and the list went on and on.  Fortunately, after all had been completed and the house put on the market, we had an offer to purchase in a matter of days.  But then it was 45 days of working with the buyers to make sure that everything was to their and their lender's satisfaction.  Crushing.  But we closed on the house on Tuesday and now life can go on.  :-) 

On another note, my day job has started a photography club.  I will finally be learning how my camera works and can't wait to post pictures that aren't blurry and are actually of the things I want to focus on.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!  It's good to be back.