Monday, July 12, 2010

Carruth Garden Sculpture Contest

I sent in a few pictures to the Garden Smiles website for a contest they're having on the best showcase of their garden stones in individual gardens:

Mr. Froggy looks happy by the gaillardia.

Mr. Garden Smiles himself:

St. Francis of Assisi appropiately displayed among the snapdragons.

Okay, then just had to throw in a few other pics of the garden.

Today I'm joining The House in the Roses for Cielo's Show Off Your Cottage Monday.  Come visit!



  1. Your flowers are beautiful! It makes me want to go out and plant flowers! Thank you for sharing...

  2. They are all very cute! I too love garden statues and whimsical charms... ;) Thanks for participating in our "Show Off Your Cottage Monday" and letting us into your lovely garden...


  3. your garden is full of fun colourful flowers and whimsical pretties.. just lovely..

  4. Your flowers and garden are wonderful! Everything is so fresh looking~I'm fighting weeds and grasshoppers this summer. I hope you will stop by for a visit and see my flowers, too. Thanks for sharing. ♥♫